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Enjoy the control of everything that happens in your home, business or car. We are authorized distributors by the brand. You can set the alarm, turn on the irrigation system or control the activities of your company cars from the MyJABLOTRON app, available in web and mobile version.

What can you do with the App

Our app is as easy to use as our alarms: the “traffic lights” will show you the devices that are activated. With the push of a button, you can open your garage door or turn on the irrigation system while on vacation.

Event Notification

PUSH notifications on your phone will alert you immediately in the event of an emergency or the temperature in the house drops. A single glance at your device will confirm that your children have arrived home safely from school.

Updated information->

You will have access to important information wherever you are, such as the location of your car, energy consumption or temperature graphs. You will be able to see sensor images on your mobile phone and make sure there is no problem.

Live Safe and with Peace of Mind

The app will not only show you the status and general view of past events, but it will also offer you the possibility of controlling various devices.

For example, you can set the alarm for your house or your car. In addition, when you decide to go to your vacation home for the weekend, you can turn on the heating before arriving through the GSM remote control and its heat detector.

Your summer house will have warmed up when you get home. You can even take a look at the GSM cameras to make sure there are no problems. Enjoy your vacation in a relaxed way.

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Our alarm systems are fully adaptable, you can order your kit and add any extra component you need … if you have an idea of what you need, don’t worry … our team can advise you so that your kit can be complemented with what you need.

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