Alarm System for Apartments

You can be sure at home and know from a distance that everything is in order. The Alarm24 alarm system for apartments or flats will protect your home you can access from your application to have control from your mobile without problems.


It includes:
  • Central JA-14KR bus + IP radio
  • GPRS JA-190Y
    Infrared via radio JA-15P
  • Radio magnetic contact JA-15M
  • Command 4 push buttons JA-16J
  • Professional Installation
  • Warranty
Immediate protection

First we make sure that you will have technical support from the first moment, we differentiate ourselves from the rest because we are authorized professionals with high quality alarms and systems. One of the reasons why our alarms are so easy to use and offer several innovative functions is because we have 25 years of experience and unlike many we are specialists in what we do, professionals and we guarantee our services.

Add professional installation to your alarm. We are partners of one of the main security technology factories on the market, who have worldwide production certification … Therefore, the entire process runs smoothly.

Our kit includes a Central Station. Their operators will contact you in case of any intrusion and it is necessary, they will send a security brigade to your apartment during the alarm.


Central JA-14KR



Magnetic contact

4 push buttons control

Photo Detector

We Call You Free!


Why have an alarm system at home today?

  • We detect an intrusion attempt in just minutes and send a warning to the security forces.
  • You avoid illegal occupation of your homes, having a daily control of their condition.
  • Real-time control of not only an intrusion warning, but you can also expand your possibilities and make your home a smart home.
  • You face the situation immediately, time in these cases is crucial, with an alarm system it is much easier to control the situation.

The first hours of an occupation are key since the Police can evict without court records.

What can i add to my kit?

Our alarm systems are fully adaptable, you can order your kit and add any extra component you need … if you have an idea of what you need, don’t worry … our team can advise you so that your kit can be complemented with what you need.

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